MicroWellness - Mental Wellness in Your Pocket

Patent Pending Algorithm Delivers Customized Routines for Your Mental Wellbeing.


Main Features

MicroWellness offers a holistic suite of mental health services all in one place.

Personalized Routines

Advice tailored to you based on your personality.

Affordable Therapy

Sessions with therapists at affordable prices.

Support Networks

Join support networks with like-minded individuals.


How Does It Work?

MicroWellness leverages the science behind the Big 5 Personality Traits in order to customize your experience.

Step 1:

Personality Questionnaire

Custom designed questionnaire to capture your personality.

Step 2:

Matching Algorithm

Patent-pending algorithm finds advices that are best suited to you.

Step 3:

Advice Feed

Customized advice sent directly to your feed to begin your mental wellness journey.

About Us

Making a Difference.

MicroWellness has a mission to offer a wide range of services to improve your mental health. While we do not aim to completely replicate therapy, we would like to offer you some of the services on a smaller scale so that they are affordable and convenient for you!

Mental wellness is just as important as physical wellness. However, it is often neglected the most. No more - MicroWellness seeks to offer advice specifically catered to you so that you can be the best version of yourself

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What our Customers Say

MicroWellness works.

Hear it from the users themselves.

"MicroWellness helps me plan out a daily routine that balances studying and leisure time and also provides me with a community of different high school students to talk to on a regular basis!"


Sarah Keller

High School Student, age 18

"I use the app to plan my meals, my daily routine, and often have calls with therapists, especially around midterm and final season!"


Raj Mehta

University Student, age 21

"Long hours at work make it difficult for me to access regular therapy. The 20-minute sessions at flexible hours really help me as the therapist offers insightful advice but the session does not take a huge chunk of my day!"


Jessica Chiu

Corporate Banking Analyst, age 25


Our Pricing Plans

We offer free and paid plans, so you can choose exactly what you need, and you can upgrade anytime.


$ 0.00/mo

  • Personalized Advice
  • Peer Support Networks


$ 9.99/mo

  • Personalized Advice
  • Peer Support Networks
  • Premium Advice and Therapy
  • Discounts on Partnered Services

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